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Wenling chuang yi Pneumatic Tools Co.,Ltd.

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Wenling Chuangyi Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful city known as Taizhou,  Zhejiang. The city has the very convenient transportation, within 5 kilometers there are Yongtaiwen railway, eastern Zhejiang aviation branch, Yongtaiwen Highway, Jiaojiang container terminal, etc. belonging to four hours of traffic Zhejiang circle area.
Wenling Chuangyi is a specialized manufacturer and service provider of professional pneumatic tools and pneumatic tools accessories, a major provider of pneumatic tools for plumbing, gas, air conditioning, air compressors, pneumatic pharmaceutical, food, chemical, fire fighting equipment, etc. With a batch of senior technicians specialized in the area of machinery, industrial molding, plastic and metal materials research and development, Chuangyi ensures the perfect quality of ¡°Made by Chuangyi¡±.
Chuangyi is responsible to handle and coordinate all the different needs of ordering, picking-up, shipping and after-sales services. Chuangyi has a strict process of following up customer¡¯s order request. The products will be shipped to customer¡¯s warehouse in accordance with the delivery date after carefully checking against product name, specifications, quantity and invoices, etc.
With a wealth of experiences within the industry and gaining the trust of majority of the customers, Chuangyi has accounted as a major company in the domestic market for producing pneumatic tools. Aiming to provide excellent service with the lower price and high quality to pay back all friends¡¯ continuous support, Chuangyi warmly welcomes the inquiries and calls from friends all over China.
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